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Izhora Museum Collection

Traditional izhora whistle toy
The Izhora are the indigenous Finno-Ugric people of the Leningrad Region, who have lived on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland since ancient times. You can get acquainted with the culture and life of Izhora in the Izhora Museum in the village of Vistino, Kingisepp District, Leningrad Region.

The funds of the Izhora Museum contain over a thousand of items of Izhora cultural heritage. Most of the collection is devoted to the main occupations of the Izhora people - fishing and agriculture. An important part of the museum's collection is made up of samples of pottery, which was developed in the village of Bolshoye Stremleniye.
A rich photo archive gives a vivid and complete picture of the traditional aspect of life in Izhora villages in the XX century.

The jewels of the museum's collection are festive and everyday Izhora dresses of the turn of the 20th century, which were completely out of use in the first half of the 20th century.


The Izhora Museum is actively engaged in practical work aimed at the preservation of culture. Educational programmes for children and adults include:
Educational Programmes
Izhora language Linguistics Club

Teaching playing kantele, the traditional Izhora musical instrument

Traditional Yamburg District pottery revitalization in «Soyka» studio

Traditonal Izhora loom weaving and ornamental mittens knitting
Izhora Crafts and Language Centre

In 2019 Nord Stream 2 AG supported the construction of the Izhora Crafts and Language Centre. The Centre has an exhibition hall with excursions, a clay-kiln area and pottery workshop «Soyka», where free master-classes are held.

Nord Stream 2 AG also supported the following projects of the Izhora Museum:
- Publication of the children’s book «The Way to Magic» in Izhora and Russian;
- Publication of the Russian-Izhora phrasebook;
- Creation of a digital collection of Izhora folk songs and melodies in a modern performance;
- Annual Festival of Izhora Culture;
- Website for the Izhora Museum.


+7 911 255 19 98
Е-mail: vistinodk@mail.ru
Address: Centralnaya st., 80, Ruchiy village, Kingisepp district, Leningrad region, Russia

WED-SUN: 10:00 - 18:00

The Building of the Izhora Crafts and Language Centre
The site was created with the support of Nord Stream 2 AG. The company also supported the construction of the Izhora Crafts and Language Centre as part of its environmental and social initiatives program in the Kingisepp District.